Auto greaser.

Used on the plasma an laser.

Bi-component adhesives. from Sika and Wacon.

Air powered staple gun.

Air powered chisel with different tools.

Rivet gun and crimping tools.

Water filter cartages for tap water.

Jigsaw with different blades.

Concrete drill and different bits.

Finishing pads

Files for stainless and aluminum.

Finishing pads for the grinder.

Old airguns.

Rubber clamp.

brass fittings for air shop.

Quick connect fittings for air shop.

Classic files.

Deburring hand tools.

deburring edges.

Ryoby and Dewalt palm sander.

palm sander pads.

large sheet of sandpaper.

Adjustable speed grinders.

angle grinder.

Narrow sanders.

thin sanders.

air sander.

air sanding.

Electric die grinder.

Air die grinder.

Pneumatic die grinder.

die grinder bits.

Hand Grinder.

Stochbright band.